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Students of Krav Maga learn hardcore self-defense techniques, including 
multiple attacker defenses and defenses against sticks, knives, and guns. 
Realistic scenarios are always emphasized in training, and is an important 
part of the curriculum.


Using basic techniques in various combinations, students develop an awareness and ability to defend against attacks, often through the modification of material and improvisation. Combat training generates implicit awareness and sensitivity in the everyday interactions that take place on the street.


Krav Maga does not exclusively rely on strength or power; from the outset students are trained to strike vulnerable targets rather than trying to match an opponent strength against strength. Students are constantly amazed by the pride and empowerment that accompany self-defense training.

Krav Maga uses a simple approach to learning.

Through constant practice and repetition, the most effective defenses against each kind of assault become almost second nature and automatic, so that in actual confrontations they will be immediately utilized. By emphasizing and practicing a few key defense techniques for each assault the style is able to consider a wide range of defense options hardly ever found in other styles, making Krav Maga a complete fighting system.


  • Expect anything - there are no rules when you are being attacked
  • Use the body's natural reflexes in the defensive motion
  • Defend and attack in the minimum time required
  • Use the body's natural weapons as well as ordinary objects
  • Exploit the human body's most vulnerable spots
  • Target your opponent's weaknesses-never put power against power
  • Take no defensive action without an offensive action
  • Avoid injury to yourself

 Krav Maga is a realistic self-defense program that anyone can use, regardless of size, strength, or fitness. 

 Krav Maga emphasizes simple and practical techniques, real life scenarios, and intense training.

Krav Maga is a practical and realistic self defense system that teaches how to prevent, deal with and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. Krav Maga prepares the trainees in the subjects of self-defense, self-protection, fighting and combat skills, as well as skills to defend others, all in unique and comprehensive teaching ways.

Krav Maga was developed in Israel, under realistic demands and conditions for the battlefield. Founded and formed by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and continues to advance and be modified by the top instructors of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Krav Maga has a unique and logical approach. It is easy to learn and retain, performed naturally and intuitively, and practically be used under stressful conditions. An essential part of Krav Maga is its teaching process, methodology and ways of training.
The MOST sought after, REALISTIC Self Defense and Fitness Program in the World is right here in Fayetteville Arkansas

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