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Kickboxing Heavybag Class

It's a chance to get fit and become more self-confident. This is a CREATIVE Boxing and Kickboxing class. This class will teach you the basics of punching and kicking while getting in the BEST shape of your life. Crunches, push ups and squats are a part of this class, building muscle where it counts. An opportunity to get the best out of yourself while getting in the BEST shape of your life. 

   Stressed out?

   Work getting you down?

   Need that anger management release?

   Overweight and need to lose the pounds?

   Simply want to tone up and get fit?

KICKBOXING ... could be for you!

Our promise to you:

  •  We will get the best out of you.
  •  We will get you in the best shape of your life and have you feeling more confident and empowered.
  •  We will improve your flexibility, co-ordination and endurance with our unique Kickboxing program.
  •  Our programs can do wonders for your mind, body and soul..

          GET IN SHAPE                                                                            GO HOME SAFE

Fitness in Fayetteville, AR

 Looking for a fun, friendly environment to motivate and challenge you? 

Our Group Fitness has it all, and for every level— Combat Fitness is a Circuit Training and Boot Camp Style Class                                      We’ve got the moves that will energize and tone you. Check out our schedule now!

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