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Realistic Self Defense & Fitness Training

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Our Instructors: Cole Saugey, Chris Tucker, 
Marty Cale, Van Adams
Tucker & Cale receiving certification from former IDF Chief Commander in Israel
Marty & Jenny Cale receiving certification from IDF Head Instructor Itay Dannenberg, Chief Commander of IDF Danny Netzer and former Commander Ran Nakash
Training inside the IDF Military Base,
 Krav Maga Gym
Inside the Security Training Academy in Israel with  IDF Commander Danny Netzer and Itay Dannenberg
Training with former IDF Commander Ran Nakash
Outside the IDF Military Base with Commander Danny Netzer
Working on Krav inside public Transportation
Jenny Cale training with M16 in Israel
Marty & Jenny with Netzer, Nakash and Dannenberg
Nakash and Tucker in Israel training 
attacks on stairway
Cale and Tucker inside the IDF Military Training Base
Jenny Cale training inside the Security Camp in Israel, with hood other head
Cale and Tucker training with M16 inside the IDF Krav Maga Gym in Israel
Chief Commander Netzer and an Instructor of the IDF inside the Military training Base
Bill Superfoot Wallace Marty Cale and Canemaster Mark Shuey hanging out having fun
Marty Cale with the TOP Isralei Counter Terrorism and Combat Shooting Instructor Idan Pundak
Marty Cale and Cole Saugey demonstrating 
a knife fighting technique
XPERT Shooting Instructor from Israel Raz Pe'er with Jose Mejia, Marty Cale, Van Adams, Cole Saugey, Chris Tucker and XPERT Instructor Idan Pundak,
Ran Nakash watch over Cale and Tucker doing various techniques in a hallway situation
Cale and Tucker training with M16 as Nakash and Netzer watch, inside the IDF Military Training Base
Eyal Yanilov, one of the best Krav Maga 
Instructors in the world with Marty Cale 
Receiving my 10th Degree Black Belt  in Kenpo
from O'Sensei Porter, My Instructor (R.I.P.)
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Demonstrating the Combat Cane with GM Mark Shuey SR. The Canemaster
Marty Cale with Rhon Mizrachi, 
my original Krav Maga Instructor, Yr 2000